Time for Quiz Night @ La Bua 11 Sep 2018

Dear La Bua owners,

It’s quiz time again!

Here are the round topics if you want to do some homework!

Round 1 – Advertising Slogans
Round 2 – Movie Hits – Name the title and artist
Round 3 – International Sport
Round 4 – What year?
Round 5 – Baking & Cooking terms and techniques
Round 6 – MUSIC ROUND: Musical Duets
Round 7 – PICTURE ROUND: Art & Sculpture
Round 8 – General Knowledge
Hope to see you!

We think we have quite a few people joining us from outside this time (again).

So it would be great if we could pull together one team or two from La Bua owners and friends who will be staying at the resort at this time.

Quiz starts at 7:30pm!

Director’s Meeting 13 July 2018

La Bua management/Resident’s meeting
13th of July 2018

This weeks meeting was hosted by Marck Christiansen at the La Bua reception with 9 owners participating. We saw some new faces at the meeting which was nice.

1. Current progress
i. Main topics or most time-consuming topics of the week:
1. A considerable water leak was found behind 41AB on Wednesday in the main water supply line to Phase 1. It was fixed straight away by Tiger’s team. It must have been there for some time as we have seen water running in the main drain at the car park but could not find any leaks as all pipes are underground.
2. The control box from small gate to big gate was changed last week, but we still had problems. We have now changed a battery and tested it, so it is now working. Small gate will remain closed and not operational for now. We will change the password every month, as we now know what it is and send it around in the minutes.
3. Repair work on drainage have been done outside plot 58, was collapsing.
4. Dogs still running around, also still seeing Mali running around the project by himself and it looks like he has found a girl friend. (Note, was told today Saturday the grey dog have been removed to a shelter).
5. Moved office for a while to a new location. Too much disturbance in the reception office with staff running in and out, postman, deliveries, owners coming in without appointment etc, suppliers dropping by etc. Reception office will now be for reception and maintenance only, as well as can be used as meeting room with management. Please contact the reception if you want to setup a meeting with me, Dr. Jan or accounting staff. We ask owners to respect we need privacy to work and a “Just 5 min please” results in an action needed to be carried out by us and getting our head back into what ever we were doing when interrupted takes time.
iii. Total amount of booking for Feb : 14
iv. Total amount of booking for Mar : 26 (+3), 12 more then Feb
v. Total amount of booking for Apr : 162 (+2), 348 room nights, 49%
vi. Total amount of bookings for May : 190 (+18), 369 room night, 44% , (90 nights by owners: 279, 33%)
vii. Total amount of bookings for June : 176 (+2), 337 room night, 42%, (77 nights by owners: 260, 32.5%)
viii. Total amount of booking for July : 170 (+30), 352 room nights, 40%, (50 nights by owners: 302, 35% real occupancy rate)
ix. Total amount of booking for Aug : 73 (+15), 196 room nights, 23%
x. Total amount of booking for Sep : 20 (+3), 93 room night, 11%
xi. Total amount of booking for Oct : 17 (+3), 82 room night, 9%
xii. Total amount of booking for Nov : 9 (0), 64 room night, 8%
xiii. Total amount of booking for Dec : 24 (0), 128 room night, 15%

xiv. Restaurant: K’Rod is getting settled in and food orders are being processed better with less waiting time. F&B staff more attentive as well but still not acceptable, need more training. The menu cards are now finally completed and are attached to this email. Room service is now available which is what majority of our customers are using.
xv. Kitchen: Have been working on the kitchen proposal. The person I have contact with is the GM of a resort but owner to arrive next week and we are together trying to get them to come to La Bua and see what they specifically want. The list they gave me are basically everything we have, but we need to keep the things we need.
xvi. Front desk: We have managed to get better control of the front desk and better controlling the bookings and bills in the restaurant after the changes and software was introduced last week. We are still trying to train the staff to work better with the system.
xvii. RESORT REVIEWS: Bookings 8.1 out 10 (64 reviews), Agoda 7.9 out of 10 (60 reviews), Trip advisor 4.5 out of 5 (22 reviews), #18 out of 331, Expedia 5 out of 5 (1 review).
i. Resort: New staff for F&B have been improving. We have new staff to join us from a resort on the bypass. Also happy about receptionists who are willing to learn, but still have a bit of way to go in learning the system and software. Still looking to hiring more receptionist to be able to rotate and for night time, chef helping finding staff. We have received some complaints about staff attentiveness in the restaurant and pool bar.
ii. Maintenance: Our new guy K’Bom is very good, he can work with electric, drive the digger, wall and brick-work and never sitting still. Our pool boys are also dependable and working well, but we need to train them more on keeping the balance on the pools. Our remaining gardeners are doing well, this week we have 5 and one more starting on Monday next week.
iii. Outsource:
1. My patience with gardeners and maids have for a long time been an issue, which I wanted to change. Problem to outsource has always been price but we might have found a solution. We have had a visit from a maintenance company for the communal areas and private gardens. Gave us quotation yesterday (Thursday) which made sense for the private homes but not for the communal areas. The company have also offered to remove garbage every day from every house, meaning we will not need a garbage collection point. We are have given them a counter offer today (Friday) and will continue Saturday with a follow up meeting.
2. We have also been having an outsource company coming for cleaning private rooms. I am so tired of our own managers and staff cannot do a simple proper job of administrating and cleaning owners rooms. Outsourcing is a better solution for La Bua, as La Bus currently is making less than the cost associated with cleaning owners rooms. The idea is La Bua will find and test the outsource company and negotiate a price for La Bua owners, the reception will still be the contact point but it is the cleaning company who is responsible thereafter. Met them Tuesday and am still waiting for a proposal.
1. Water supply:
i. We have now collected more for the water. Will use money from internal system to get government water in first which means we might have to wait install e.g. booster pumps later which can affect the supply of water in houses.
ii. We are still waiting for the 4’ pipe to be installed. Government is driving us mad. They promise and promise but nothing happens, same as the road. We have already completed all documentation and paid the required deposit, but still work have not begun.
iii. We did not start work behind the CPH’s on Monday the 9th as expected because the contractor fell ill. Will start next week instead and take it in steps to make as little disturbances as possible and can continue renting out Copenhagen apartments.
iv. New tank has been cleaned and Jeap have told me to start fill it up on Monday, so we can start to use the new system next week.
2. Electricity:
i. Have not heard anything back from the company from Sam this week, but we are waiting for them to come back to us with new numbers and properly another survey.
ii. IN RELATION WITH THE ROAD TOPIC: Last week I was asked to give my suggestion to a priority list of the infrastructure not yet done. I took my old list from January which I have been adding prices to as we received them and made a new updated version of the current situation. The list is attached to the email. To me the most important infrastructure missing is the electricity because we cannot live in our homes if we do not have electricity. The 2nd top priority is the external road because of our appearance for resort guest, new buyers, owners, our reputation and the statement it will send. 3rd top priority is internet in Phase 2, again for the convenient of people living in Phase 2. This is however a smaller amount thus there could be alternative solutions for this and we can temporarily solve this problem.
i. Blue book conversion. I made a mistake last week sending out my agenda for the Resident’s meeting and the minutes, for that reason the procedure was not clear. Owners wanting to change their blue books need to bring their passport and blue book to the reception office. They will be taken on a weekly basis and we will pass this information on to the lawyer who will draft the Power of Attorney and send it back for owners to sign. Once that is done the lawyer will go to change the blue books.
i. We are preparing to send out the maintenance invoices for 2nd half of 2018. I will make two changes for the next 6 month’s invoice. 1. Remove the 6.1% discount given for the first half because we now have 24 hr. reception and room service, which was the reason for the discount before. 2. I promised owners who had paid maintenance fees from Mar-Dec 2017 to add 6.7% of their paid maintenance fees onto their PN, but this never happened because of not enough staff to make the calculations and edit the PN’s. So, I will instead give the owner who has paid from Mar- Dec 2017 the discount of 6.7% on their new maintenance invoices for the next 6 months. Then that problem and liability is out of the way.
5. The Terrace Hua Hin
i. We are putting our final hand on the exterior design. Jeap have given us what we have asked him to do at this stage, but still a bit of way to go on getting all the BOQ’s together for electricity, landscaping, infrastructure etc.
ii. We had to do some structural changes because of new regulations and add fire escapes, which meant the architect needed to change the structural layout, also resulting in Jeap needs to recalculate his structural designs. Architect working on architectural drawings and BOQ for architectural work.

i. Plot 103, 104, have confirmed their amendments and we are prepping the teams and getting ready to start end of this month and beginning of next month. Made a mistake last week regarding plot 129 which we are still finalizing the numbers for. I am waiting for Jeap to give me the final prices, as we have done some core test of the concrete to make sure it is strong enough. Once I get that we can finalize this BOQ and hopefully move on. 56 is still waiting answer from owner after latest updated BOQ was sent but can see he is traveling right now.
ii. Construction on 53 and 57 going pretty well with new team. Performing well and their teams and foremen looks to be on top of things. Happy with progress and hope to be able to close these two houses in less than 3 months.
iii. Jeap is doing well on his side of the carpark. He has some deadlines he needs to keep the next two months for plot 16, 101, 111, 116, 119 and 126.
1. Water system : 8th May – 19th July (No money)
2. Civil work P2 : 23rd April – 16th July
3. Retaining wall P2 : 1st July – 14th September
4. Tennis court : 18th June – 15th of August
5. Service building : On hold for now
v. Infra P2: Work on man holes almost complete now and all conduits are installed. Job almost complete now, properly end of next week, so only a few days over deadline. Happy about this job. Sam: will they leave the man holes open or will they cover them? Marck: They will be covered, it is dangerous to leave them open as someone can fall into them.
vi. Tennis court: Ring beam for foundation was casted beginning of the week, and a thin concrete slap have been done leveling out the compacted clay below. Will remove scaffolding on ring beam now, tiring steel rebar and getting ready for the pour of concrete starting beginning of next week, weather permitted. Will create some traffic in La Bua as we will need 28 truck loads of concrete using 4 trucks driving between the plant and La Bua nonstop.
vii. RETAINING WALL P2: Electric company have informed us they will come next week, so work can finally begin on the wall. Really excited to finally getting started on this project. Electric company informed us they have changed their mind and will move all poles at one time instead of one at the time. Will save them a lot of time.
viii. ROAD UPDATE: Picking up from last week’s meeting where owners started to talk about finding the finance to build the road. Looking at my list of priorities earlier mentioned, indicates what it means to the project. Luca: have any calculations been done on the cost and what it would mean per house hold if this was the way forward? Marck: we have earlier been given quotations of 3 mill THB for a concrete road the 1 km from main road and to the main entrance of La Bua, which would be approx. 44,000 THB per house hold (roughly calculated at last week’s meeting). I have however asked Jeap to refresh this BOQ to include some drains at critical points along the road. It will however be difficult to ask this whole amount from owners as it will be the same situation as with the water, not all can or will pay! Sam: do you want to have drains on both sides? Marck: No, I am only interested in seeing the quotation for drains on one side from the main road and to the sharp turn as the water carries a lot of speed there and erodes the road. Sam: are you interested in getting BOQ’s for the road other then what you have now? Marck: Sure! It is good to compare and make sure prices are right. If you have any contractors, I am happy to talk with them and take their quotation into consideration as well.
ix. Service building. No news.
x. Spirit house. Granite ordered already. Waiting for delivery. Team ready to install and move the spirit house.

i. Benjamin: Did not meet while I was in BKK as we could clear over the phone. Ben will have new draft ready for me end of next week, he told me.
ii. Nicolaj: Met with Nicolaj in BKK on Wednesday afternoon for a long meeting. We are planning how to proceed with the OTA’s, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, competitions, use of video material, talking about how to get Nicolaj more involved to do much more targeted work, which require more time on a daily basis.
iii. Agents (resort): have had more agents stopping by this week who are interested in agent prices for the resort, exactly what we want. Have to complete the agent packages next week as many agents are already now selling this high season. Agents will give us bookings further in advance and at higher prices then what we get from OTA’s. Problem with travel agents is to make sure their target is the right type of customers we want, as we do not want to become a cheap discount resort for charter Chinese customers.
iv. Photos of construction are being posted almost weekly. Please check the sales website for photos as this is the best place to make them available. Any photo requests should be sent to sales@labuahuahin.com

5. NEXT WEEK: Resort agent prices, sending out maintenance invoices.

Director’s Meeting 6 July

La Bua Management / Residents’ Meeting
29th June, 2018: 1400-1540 hrs

The meeting was hosted by Marck Christiansen and attended by 7 residents/owners. Dr. Jan was not present in the meeting.

Note – where questions or topics were related, they are grouped together. Where questions were raised in general discussion, the response is included in the relevant section.
Resort and facilities

Hotel bookings: 33% occupancy for June. July at 31%. August 17.5% (expecting late bookings). Also now contacting Agents to help with longer-term bookings. December at 15%. We have a guy moving into Plot 7 on 1st October for a full year!

Reviews: Same ratings but more reviews.

Aesthetics: Orchids completed. Stockholm hedges and fence completed. Changed entrance for Plot 54 to make a better entrance as well as a new lawn and leveling the land is completed. Gardens for remaining Stockholm’s will be leveled next. Plot 54 is now ready and to enter the rental program from 1st July. Extra gravel and compacting on the nasty road corner leading down to La Bua will be done today. Reception painted on Wednesday but after the rains on Thursday we found a leak so that now needs to be repaired and repainted again. Have been fixing up the showers and toilets behind Reception but still working on a problem with the drains from the showers.

Dogs: Thanks to the owners who are respecting the rules around the Resort. Still have issues with the one gray and the one brown soi dog, which we are getting bad reviews from. We are trying to remove the dog and all other dogs running freely around. All dogs in La Bua MUST BE ON A LEASH!

F&B: K’Rod doing quite well. Menu card has to be redone with NET pricing and excluding VAT (better pricing and easier for the accounting software). Once complete it will be send around to all owners and room service is available for all private residents as well by contacting the reception: 032 900 700

PoS system: Resort manager has not followed up for 2 weeks. Must happen next week or some changes will be made to the staff. Staff double checking accounts now too and introduced other departments checking each other to get better control.

Staff: Have introduced new systems now, new inventory systems, staff are checking each other; also check through the chef and money is cleared every day. Resort manager will check the rooms are being cleaned. Maids have been separated so reception and cleaning of owner’s rooms are no longer being done by resort maids. Talked with managers to know Their duties and do better, have been too little control lately and especially cleaning have been lacking supervision. Had to fire more people in maintenance (2 gardeners) because of laziness, which means we are down on staff again, but we are already hiring more. Maintenance manager will have one more person added to his maintenance team mid-July, who is a handyman who can work with many areas. Trying to eliminate having to use outside teams.

Events: The biker group arrives tomorrow. Associated group comes next week for their offsite.
Eileen: Do you have any space that would seat max 30 pax. Marck: May take one section of the upstairs terrace and close it off for this purpose. The living room/kitchen area of the new office (plot 53) could easily be used as a meeting space as well.

Phase 1 gate security keypad: Still waiting for this to be delivered. Otherwise one from another zone will be located here temporarily. Supplier have promised to come tomorrow with the new control box, but Marck is not convinced it will happen.

Legal Issues

Blue books: Working on this for the houses and will be having a meeting tomorrow with our lawyers.


Sales: Super busy with website updates, checking every link. Produced a sheet with available sales to be posted in each rental room. Also a master listing of all properties for sale. Working on quiz night now to be held on 10th July. All residents and visitors welcome!

Filming: All comments received have been sent on to Ben to re-edit the footage. Scenes will be shortened so we can expand how many different types of activities there are available. Also need text to tell people what they’re looking at.

Website: Webmaster is planning more Facebook campaigns.


Water supply: Will priorities getting the 4” pipe from government in as this will mean cheaper water and we can do nothing on the internal system until the two biker groups have been and gone. Once the new tank is cleaned and hooked up, we can start to use it.

Electricity: On Monday we will get their quotations that we can then compare to all suppliers and make a decision. We will ask an outside expert to make a professional review of the different BOQ’s we have received to help us reach the best decision.

Phase 2 electricity: 16th July finish date.

Road: Construction teams are still laying stones to cover the holes.

Plot 16: Will be finished end of July.
Plot 101: Will finish very soon.
Plot 111: Will be finished in August.
Plot 114: Dr. Jan considering buying this one for herself.
Plot 116: Should be finished end of July.
Plot 118: Money is available to start.
Plot 119: Doing well.
Plot 123: Going very well.
Plot 124: On track to complete August.
Plot 126: Cleaning will happen on Monday. Then Jarkko can move in! Move in ceremony Sat 7 July @ 1000
Plot 127: Also doing well.
Plot 129: Owners have confirmed they will start in August.
Phase 2 Civil Works: Team doing very well. Mostly work on manholes right now.
Phase 2 East wall: 14th September completion date.
Tennis court: Steel has been supplied on site now. Completion 31st July. Once concrete is laid will need to harden for 1 month to insure it is strong enough.

Service building: No update.

Spirit House: Haven’t had time to order the granite – it takes time because the monks are very specific about the dimensions. Marck to go and see supplier Tomorrow or Monday.

New company have given BOQ’s which Marck have been able to compare line by line with Jeap. Good news is they are very similar, so happy we are getting right prices from Jeap. The new company will take on future works in phase on and resort as well as snagging for existing residents.
Residents’ questions

The next meeting will be held on Friday 6th July at 2pm.

Quiz Night Comes to La Bua on 10 July

Greetings fellow quizzers, Hua Hin residents and visitors alike!

We are delighted to announce a NEW quiz night for everyone to enjoy.

LA BUA RESORT & RESIDENCE will host quiz nights every SECOND TUESDAY of the month, starting TUESDAY 10th JULY.

The winning team will receive a TB 1,000 Baht venue voucher!

Format is as follows:

7:30pm start
− 4 rounds of tantalising quiz questions
− Break for some delicious food free of charge
− Spot drink game – winners get a free house drink
− 4 more rounds of brain-melting teasers
10:00pm wrap-up

And you are welcome to stay on to enjoy the bar and the surroundings.

This is a great opportunity to make new friends and keep your competitive juices flowing, in a stunning location and with a whole bunch of fun thrown in.

To book a table, please contact Mari-Ann:
− via this Facebook page
− via Mari-Ann’s Facebook page (search for “Mari-Ann Kucharek”)
− via PM to Mari-Ann on Messenger
− via mobile on 06 44 050 721

We look forward to welcoming you!

La Bua Residents Featured in Washington Post

Do you dream of living abroad? Four couples share how they made it work. – The Washington Post 6/30/18, 2*28 PM
https://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate/do-you-dream-of-livin…a2-0976a82b05a2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.617d04d8cba0 Page 1 of 6

The Washington Post

Real Estate

Do you dream of living abroad? Four couples share how they made it work.

by Michele Lerner May 23

If you’ve ever experienced the urge to chuck everything and live in another country,
you’re not alone. Maybe you dream of spending time on a beach instead of a cubicle or
wish your vacation could be permanent. Maybe you want to flee the United States when
its political leadership disappoints you. Or invest in an up-and-coming housing market
where the currency exchange and real estate prices are favorable to Americans.
Living overseas, once thought of as a jet-set lifestyle reserved for the wealthy, is available
to more than the rich. Meet a few people who have turned their dreams into reality:
From many choices, Thailand
When you’ve lived around the world, your options for where to retire are limitless. Jeffrey
Camp, 53, and his wife, Mari-Ann Kucharek Camp, 45, who’s from Britain, met four years
ago in Dubai where they were both working for international companies. Camp, who
spent 32 years in the military and the National Guard, realized that early retirement
could be an option if they set their sights on a country with a low cost of living. Besides,
he says, he had no desire to return to Chicago winters.
“We looked at South Africa, the Middle East, Kenya and Australia before we visited
Thailand on holiday,” says Jeff. “Our priority was security and political stability, so even
though we liked South Africa, it was too dangerous and we didn’t want to have to pay for
private security. Australia was too expensive. We ruled out a lot of the Middle East
because we wanted to be someplace where expats are welcomed. Of course, we also
needed a place where it would be legal to establish permanent residency.”
[10 of the world’s most luxurious dream homes]
Three years after a military coup, Thailand still strictly enforces its visa rules. But the
introduction of a 10-year retirement visa in 2017 signaled a warming toward foreign
buyers. Thailand’s low cost of living has enticed foreign buyers for years to places such as
Chiang Mai, an area with a temperate climate and mountain views, Phuket, a beach
resort, and Bangkok, an affordable, multicultural urban experience. The housing market
is stable, although prices in desirable locations such as Phuket have been rising in recent
years due to demand.
The Camps, who moved to Thailand in July 2017, chose the central city of Hua Hin to
build a home in a resort community. The enclave is in the mountains less than 10 miles
from the coast.
“We learned about Hua Hin from expats Mari-Ann met through her work,” says Jeff. “It’s a
resort area where the Thai royal family vacations. When we realized that we could live
comfortably on less than $2,000 a month, we decided to start our retirement early.”
Health insurance costs the couple $3,000 annually. Jeff can attest to the excellent care
from Western-trained Thai doctors since he was hospitalized with food poisoning shortly
after they settled in Hua Hin, an event completely covered by insurance.
Do you dream of living abroad? Four couples share how they made it work. – The Washington Post 6/30/18, 2*28 PM
https://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate/do-you-dream-of-livin…a2-0976a82b05a2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.617d04d8cba0 Page 2 of 6
The construction of their 3,000-square-foot house with three bedrooms, a terrace bar
and a swimming pool took nearly two years, in part because the developer of the
community ran into financial problems.
“We bought an apartment and moved here because we realized we had to be general
contractors and supervise construction,” says Jeff.
The Camps play in a rock band and volunteer with a group that assists refugees from
“We’ve made a nice circle of friends here, mostly Australians, through our neighborhood
and cooking classes,” says Jeff.
To maintain their Thai residency, the Camps need to check in with the Thai Bureau of
Immigration every 90 days to maintain their retirement visa, which is renewed annually.

for full story visist:

Do you dream of living abroad? Four couples share how they made it work. – The Washington Post 6/30/18, 2*28 PM
https://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate/do-you-dream-of-livin…a2-0976a82b05a2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.617d04d8cba0 Page 5 of 6

The story must be told.
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Do you dream of living abroad? Four couples share how they made it work. – The Washington Post 6/30/18, 2*28 PM
https://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate/do-you-dream-of-livin…a2-0976a82b05a2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.617d04d8cba0 Page 6 of 6

Director’s Meeting 22 June 2018

La Bua Management / Residents’ Meeting
22nd June, 2018: 1400-1600 hrs
The meeting was hosted by Marck Christiansen and attended by 10 residents/owners.
Note – where questions or topics were related, they are grouped together. Where questions were raised in general discussion, the response is included in the relevant section.
Major points this week:
1. Legal issues
2. La Bua operations
3. Loose ends
Resort and facilities
Hotel bookings: Stable throughout this low season. So far for June 37% occupancy including owners. 33% without. Strategies are working. We have pushed up prices a little and still getting bookings. 30% in July so far. Need to give people incentives to come back (repeat business). Working on programs to capture the social media followers of our guests so that pictures etc. from here are circulated to a wider audience. Need to increase opportunities around the Resort where we brand ourselves or where guests can take selfies and post them online.
Reviews: Bookings 8.2 out 10 (59 reviews), Agoda 8.0 out of 10 (48 reviews, 108 out of 331), Trip advisor 4.5 out of 5 (22 reviews), #16 out of 331
Restaurant: Thai lady who wanted run the kitchen ended up not showing up, made excuse La Bua was too far away. However, our Accountant Aoi, knew a guy Khun Rod who normally works with starting up restaurants for other people and trains kitchen staff. He will run the kitchen for now for us with his own 3 staff, who will work together with our waitresses. K’Rod will sell food, La Bua sell beverages. A temporary solution and we will see how it goes. He will also cook staff food (La Bua staff first of all but Jeap interested in same solution for his staff) for a small fee. K’Rod served some finger food at the meeting for us. In-room breakfast will soon be introduced as well as including breakfast in room rates. K’Rod have started work today, so please come to try his cooking. Will continue with Andreas’ heat-up food and the sweets from Jeff, don’t want to burn any bridges.
NOTE FROM MARCK: The restaurant is now open with a professional chef. They are learning their way around the kitchen right now, but I hope owners will support the restaurant. We will finish the menu card over the weekend and will send it out by email as soon as we finish it. Once the menu card is send out you can order room service from the restaurant delivered at your property.
Reception: PoS system we are interested in costs 590 THB/machine, and we have 2. System have inventory software. This is another way to check the sales per month.
The cushions for the reception and restaurant has been located in the basement and have now been washes and installed on the centre piece of the reception and on the bench in the restaurant.
NOTE FROM MACK: Please be aware we are trying to not allow resort guests to park on the roads in Phase 1 to keep the roads clear for owners to use. However, I would also like to ask owners also please use your driveways for your cars and motorbikes to make access around the area easy and to give other owners easy access to their driveways.
Staff: Khun Mat started beginning of this week on Reception and another one will join in a few weeks. We also have a night-time shift receptionist now – Khun Maan – so we are covered 24/7. Have hired one more maid for Reception area and as a private cleaning service for owners (separate from the cleaners for the Resort). She will need to go through training before we will start to use her in owner’s rooms.
Gardens/Pools: Tiger fired one person and two more needs to shape up; still we have 7 gardeners now. The initial training with Pinkaew garden has been completed but K’Pichet will keep coming back from time to time to follow up.
Phase 1 gate: Still waiting for company to reset and return the keypads. We have been chasing them but parts from Bangkok missing.
We getting bad reviews for dogs in the resort. Soi dogs are actually not the biggest complain we have received but it is owners own dogs. We are receiving complains owners walking their dogs around the pool area, letting them dig on the beach, sit on the furniture and walk in the lagoon pool. We are not listed as a pet friendly resort, thus if customers cannot bring pets, owners must also respect the same rules. No problem to walk on the track around the resort area, but please do not let your dogs run freely around the pool area and keep it away from the pool and beach.
Owners are asked please to respect both the speed limit on the main access road as well as to drive safely and slowly on the internal roads.
“The Project” (VISTA)
Marck showed us the masterplan of the project (See separate attachment). All apartments in a hotel-concept design. Only covering the 10.5 Rai, which is half of the original project land. We don’t have the money for the last piece of the land thus focusing on the land we already own. The building around the long pool will be 3 story’s with roof-top terraces, 6 apartments per block. Only studios and 2-bed apartments; 1-beds just don’t sell and no interesting for rentals. Concept is modular, so buyers can make bigger units (e.g., purchase a whole floor). 144 units in total. Lots of gardens and tracks between the buildings and organic farming areas (e.g., rice terraces in front of the reception and main hotel pool area) and handicap-friendly.
Studios will start at ±2.9m and 2-beds at ±6.5m. Maximum price for the front-facing properties with the lake views will be TB 8m.
Accounting / Financing
Marck would like to urge owners to pay to the right account number (changed from the old accounts). Here they are:
Nordic Home Development Co., Ltd : 490-7-04462-4
Nordic Home Co., Ltd : 490-7-04459-0
La Bua PSM Common fee, electric & water : 490-7-04464-0
Bank address (same for all accounts) : 8/89 Soi Nong Kae, Hua Hin
77110 Prachuabkirikhan, Thailand
Branch : Blueport
Please do NOT use the old account numbers, as we will close these accounts in July.
Maintenance invoices for 2nd half of 2018 are in preparation and will be send out shortly.
Sales: If you drive on the road and see the flags are down, please stop and pick them up! Hopefully plots 105 and 106 will be sold very soon.
Website: Up to date with current pricing and blog. New pictures to be updated shortly. A reduced summary of these minutes is included in the blog.
URL is www.labuahuahin.com/sale.
Contact email is sales@labuahuahin.com (goes straight to Jeff).
Contact mobile is 0644733066 (Jeff).
Booking pages: No update, still working its magic. Shifting focus now to social media.
Filming: We watched the 1st draft of the video! Currently 2:56 minutes long and still needs to be re-edited. But looking fantastic. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK OR COPY IT INTO YOUR BROWSER TO SEE FIRST VIDEO DRAFT https://youtu.be/qcbJeTNmzVI . Both Marck, Nicolaj (webmaster) and the producer Benjamin is working on improvements for the video before it is ready for being used for public display and marketing purposes. NOTE: If you want to share the video on Facebook please make sure you write a text this version is 1st draft and a work in progress, ergo not the final version!
Events: Coming on 30th June booked rooms for 70 people. There will be other guests staying too. One of the members of this group is very senior in the police force so maybe we can talk to him for help about our road!
In July, 30 people will come for 2 nights mid-week. Company from Bangkok selling motorcycle equipment also related to the same organizer as the first group. This group will stay and enjoy our resort for team building and company excursion.
Water supply: Yesterday we paid for the permanent meter. But they’re coming next week to install the pipe and we need to have the money by then. Because we have the large groups coming and there’s not enough time to finish all the works before they come, Marck has delayed the work to build the new supply pipe behind Copenhagen apartments. But we do need to find the money for the external infrastructure because that money is owed to government.
Electricity: Marck is working with Sam (plot 107) on getting better prices for the components. On Wednesday Sam will send a contractor to check all the plans and look at the system and then we will get the prices.
Road: Has been re-flattened this week by the same guys working on the tennis court and Phase 2 civil work, for free. They will also give us quotations for putting drains in and rebuilding a real road. The Treasury department does not have funds to do the road this year, but told us if we can find a sponsor to part pay the road, they will chip in.
Plot 56, 103, 129: Will start in August. Jeap needs to free capacity before starting.
Plots 111, 116, 120, 127: been doing well on construction.
Plot 101, 126: Should move in by end of month.
Phase 2 Civil Works: All going very well. Deadline of 16th July stands.
Phase 2 East wall: Starts 1st July. Paid up relocation of electric poles yesterday and scheduled to finish 14th September.
Tennis court: Area levelled and flattened, materials ordered and will be delivered on site next week. Will be finished end of July.
Service building: Still awaiting fitness equipment proposal from Seara, but otherwise plans to progress put on hold until July. We have enough things going on right now.
Spirit House: Went to the granite factory yesterday and picked the materials.
20 more orchids were added to the big tree in the reception last night. Our team is busy working on walkways to the Stockholm villas as well as levelling out the gardens and lay new lawns. Start 54 so rental program can start and moving on to 55, 60, 59 and 58 at the end. More staff means resort is starting to look better.
Residents’ questions
Bea: Is it possible we can set up some more road mirrors on the street corners both on the roads and tracks to avoid accidents? Marck: good idea, we will buy some more. Problem is also staff is driving too fast in the golf buggy’s, so I will investigate if we can limit the speed on them.
The next meeting will be held on Friday 29th June at 2pm.

Weekly Director’s meeting- More Progress!


This week has been a good week with many positive things happening and light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. We have advanced wit in many important areas and I have been able to get clarity on certain topics which for a long time have been pending or misunderstood.


  1. Current Progress
    1. RESORT: Exterior wall have been washes, all steel columns in reception have been sanded down, waiting for better weather before we can paint then. The big tree on the car park is now gone and the stump will be removed so we can have bigger car park area. Work on fence around Stockholm villas almost completed. We wanted for a long time to change the code for P1 gate but it is broken. Today supplier team have arrived but needed to take the control box with them to get it fixed, we will need to keep the gate open until it is fixed as we worry if only using remote controls it might not work. Expected repair completed by Tuesday 12th June.
    2. Total amount of booking for Feb: 14
  • Total amount of booking for Mar: 26 (+3), 12 more than Feb
  1. Total amount of booking for Apr: 162 (+2), 348 room nights, 49%
  2. Total amount of bookings for May: 190 (+18), 369 room night, 44%, (90 nights by owners: 279, 33%)
  3. Total amount of bookings for June: 64 (+12), 196 room night, 28%, (78 nights by owners: 118, 14%
  • Total amount of booking for July: 49 (+13), 201 room nights, 24%
  • Total amount of booking for Aug: 28 (+2), 103 room nights, 12%
  1. Total amount of booking for Sep: 8 (0), 67 room night, 8%
  2. Total amount of booking for Oct: 10 (+1), 65 room night, 8%
  3. Total amount of booking for Nov: 10 (+1), 62 room night, 8%
  • Total amount of booking for Dec: 19 (0), 154 room night, 18%
  • RECEPTION: GCOM coming to Hua Hin next week with PoS system for the F&B.
  • RESORT REVIEWS: Bookings 8.2 out 10 (54 reviews), Agoda 8.2 out of 10 (35 reviews, Ranked 108 out of 331), Trip advisor 4.5 out of 5 (22 reviews, Ranked 16 out of 331), Expedia 5 out of 5 (1 review).
  1. STAFF:
    1. Resort: Have hired two new girls to start on Monday the 12th to work reception and F&B. Had also hired one more gardener, but he stopped after 5 days. We will take part in a job fair on Tuesday the 12th of June in Market Village to try to find staff for the resort. Opportunity given to us by MBMG as we could get their slot.
    2. Maintenance: Improvements on going and splitting up the team is working better. Tiger is now every afternoon checking the work of maintenance crew together with the team leaders.
    1. Water supply:
      1. We have now received the price for the 4’ pipe from Pranburi water department. We have already in the office started the required paperwork and expect to be able to get the pipe in before the end of June, ergo we need funds soon.
      2. The water bill send out this month was also high, the reason is we were not connected to Pranburi water before 2nd week of May thus still used truck water for almost 2 weeks. We had 4 day afterwards as mentioned in earlier meetings without water and the 1’ pipe is not big enough to fill our tanks fast enough when high demand. However, now we have almost stopped the flow of truck, as more ground water is available and steady flow from Pranburi water. We will however still need the bigger supply pipe as we will not be able to fill the tanks (old and new) fast enough.
  • The new underground tank is finished, we have been filling soil up around the tank and are now working on connecting the two tanks with each other. Jeap have already connected the old pipes behind CPH with the new pipes from the tanks and have started to connect Phase 2 as well. Next big job and the last for Jeap will be to install new pipes behind CPH.
  1. Electricity:
    1. Have investigated about electricity rates and how they are calculated. New world has opened up to me and this is interesting. The electricity charge consists of 4 payments. 1. Basic minimum rate, 2. Unit rate 3. FT 4. VAT. FT is what is called a fuel tariff charge and is calculated based upon current fuel production prices (oil) to produce the electricity. FT is regulated every 4 months. The minimum consumption rate 4.3555 – 2.6627 THB/Kwh plus VAT and FT. Right now La Bua is paying 6.8283 THB/Kwh plus VAT & FT= 7,76 THB/KW because we are still paying temporary charge. Once we can upgrade the electrical system La Bua will be able to get the rate of 4.3555 – 2.6627 THB/Kwh plus VAT plus FT. The two different rates are based upon peak and off-peak times. Peak time is from 9 am to 10 pm in the morning the rate goes up because there is high consumption in Thailand. So, in future we will try to run more energy efficient by e.g. running pools at night in off-peak times.
    2. New electricity infrastructure: We will have meeting with the team who designed the system and PEA to explain to us what is going on and what we need. We will also ask for a 2nd opinion
    1. Stockholm land: Missing title deed has been collected. In process now.
    2. Blue book conversion. Beginning of next week.
      1. New team has been brought in to potentially taking over construction on more homes also in Phase 2. Still waiting for BOQ’s from them. Builder who 5 weeks ago came to see plot 17 have given me BOQ for repair work. Good price, so will ask him to start.
      2. Project schedule: The water system will not be completed on the 13th of June, but it will be estimated 1 week later as work is to start behind the Copenhagen apartments. ALL START AND FINICHING DATES ARE WEATHER PERMITTED AND MONEY AVAILABLE:
        1. Water system : 8th May – 20th June
        2. Civil work P2 : 23rd April – 16th July
        3. Retaining wall P2 : 4th June – 14th August
        4. Tennis court : 18th June – 31st of July
        5. Service building : 27th June – 30st August
  • Infra P2: Drainage is now at 1st side road. Electrical and plumber team have finished installation in main road and tennis court. On track.
  1. Tennis court: Meeting Monday the 11th at 11 am with Seara and Jeap to coordinate build and installation.
  2. ROAD UPDATE: Ore.Bor.Jor himself did not come this week as promised but we had a visit from the contractor again who came to talk about drainage. As a part of our big legal meeting next week the road and the new contacts is also on the agenda.
  3. BACK TO CONSTRUCITION: Plot 104 has contacted me and they have asked for prices to continue. Working with Jeap on this now.
  1. INFRASTRUCTURE Phase 1 & 2:
    1. Service building. As mentioned we are now considering to run the kitchen until we can setup the correct financing for it.
    2. Spirit house. Foundation complete and foot have been finished. Need to choose finishing material. The monk is to return to approve the height is correct once we get that far.


    1. Benjamin: He is in Bali shooting a big commercial but have informed me he is almost done with the video. Expect to receive it next week.
    2. Jeff: Been overseas this week but have started to run the Blog on the website again. Please check in to see once in a while. New construction photos have been uploaded already Sunday last week. We will try to do it more regularly.
  2. NEXT WEEK: Meeting tomorrow with Resident’s committee. Finish Stockholm area, follow up with Omsin bank, legal, road.

Next meeting 15 June @ 1400.

La Bua is community on the right track!

It’s been a while since the La Bua blog has been up and running. The time has come to share what has been going on in the community, what is up coming and how we are progressing. Each week we will update the building photos and use this blog to share the minutes from the community information meeting that is hosted by Marck. Please share the exciting news from La Bua as we continue to complete our homes and community.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!


Resort and facilities:

Hotel bookings: Going well. May 50% occupancy (including owners coming to stay33% net). June at 13% already (but expecting more last minute bookings).
Reviews: Booking.com at 8.1/10. Agoda 8.2/10. Trip Advisor 4.5/5. Expedia 5/5. Moved up to no. 16 out 331 hotels in Hua Hin. One bad review on booking.com for bad road and GPS could not find La Bua pulled the overall rating down. Have asked booking sites to tell people to search for Banyan Golf course on their GPS.
Aesthetics: Car park completion end of this month. Not as much progress as anticipated due to ongoing maintenance in Resort. Sanding down the reception area, repaint walls, cleaning sandwash. Glass installed in the main reception counter. Pond is now ready! No fish yet.

Minibus: Operates 3 times a day, 9.30, 12.30 and 5.30

Masterplans all updated on the website now. Just need to take new pictures of plots 3 and 8 (next week). Going forward, we will be including portions of the minutes on the website so that new potential buyers can read about the progress being made.
New plants will be lining the road in due course. New signage for each Phase. Wall being cleaned as we write. Signage will be fixed properly with rebars.

Jeff and MAK meeting the quizmaster tonight to see what it will take to host a quiz night here at La Bua. Buffet will be included but drinks will not. Marck: Possible wine tasting coming soon too.

Filming: Video raw footage has been received. A lot to go through and all great stuff. Should have first draft by next week.
Website: Photos of building progress are posted.
Booking pages: No update.

Water supply: Be careful by the new water tank if you walk to phase 2 – the earth walls are eroding. Outside of tank is finished and the ground water level has risen. Looks good so far. Jeab will fill in the hole on Monday and connect the pipes. Will take a few days to complete this.

Electricity: Spoke to Terry Plot 15 for advice and he has approved all the diagrams- please speak directly to him if you have any questions. We have asked Jeab what the minimum that needs to be done in order to switch out the transformers and get started.
Phase 2 electricity: Good discussions this week with phase 2 owners. Progress happening but not yet finished due to the transformer point above.

Road: Next week visit from Ore Bor Jor. To survey how we can separate the road into sections (past La Bua in one go). Yesterday Dr. Jan found out that the State Attorney’s office must be present when the roads are discussed for hotel facilities. So we have invited them to come see next week.

Plot 17: Need to make this nice, touch it up. Waiting for the quote.
Plot 19: Marck and the owners have decided we can sell if La Bua cannot continue within contract value. Q: Can you smarten it up a bit so it looks better? Marck: Yes we will do this.
Plot 103: Wants to start as soon as possible.
Plot 118: Money is available to start.
Plot 129: Owners have confirmed they will start in August.
Phase 2 Civil Works: Must be finished by 16th July.
Phase 2 East wall: 14th August completion date.

Tennis court: New start date of 18th June, completion 31st July. Water piping being done next.

Service building: 27th June – 31st August. No financing yet for this though. Please let Marck know where we can buy inventory for the shop.

Spirit House: Work have begun for the foundation and we will relocate the spirit house as soon as possible.

No update.

The next meeting will be held on Friday 8th June at 2pm.

Community Area – Fitness Area