Dear Valued Client. On this page we compile all the questions we get from our clients & partners and share them with you.

Q: Who is developer & land owner of the La Bua Resort & Residence? A: Nordic Home Co.,Ltd is the owner of the land and is the company that will be leasing the land and the units to our customer. Nordic Home Development Co.,Ltd is the actual construction company that will build you your new home.

Q: How big is the La Bua Resort & Residence? A: The land in Phase 1 + Resort is a total of 18 Rai equal to 28,800 sq.m or 310,001 sq.ft or 2,88 hectare or 7,11 acres. A: The land in Phase 2 is a total of 17 Rai equal to 27,200 sq.m or 292,778 sq.ft or 2,72 hectares or 6,72 acres.

Q: How many units are you building? A: We are building 21 villas in the residence part of Phase 1. In the resort part we have built 14 Copenhagen Garden Apartments and 14 Copenhagen Penthouse Apartments, 8 Stockholm Villas and 9 Skagen Villas.  Phase 2 will consist of 29 villas of the larger improved Exclusive series villa types.

Q: What are the villa plot sizes? A: from 410 to 679 sq.m.

Q: What are the villa and apartment sizes? A: Below we have divided the living area of each villa & apartment type into internal living area (living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) and external living area (terraces, balconies, roof top terraces etc.) and the total build up area (including carport, swimming pool, etc):2015-05-28 - facts for unit sizes

Q: What size are the villa pools? A: The pool sizes depends on the villa type

              • The Villa Helsinki pool is 10 meters long and 3 meters wide max. water depth is 1,5 meter. The Jacuzzi is built in.
              • The Villa Oslo pool is 11 meters long and 3 meters wide max. water depth is 1,5 meter. The Jacuzzi is built in.
              • The Villa Stockholm pool is 6 meters long and 4 meters wide max. water depth is 1,5 meter. The Jacuzzi is built in.

Q: What is the kitchen package? A: Each Villa and Apartment is sold including a full kitchen package with high quality cabinets imported from Denmark and high quality electrical components and white goods. Each package has a stated value, if you have bought on a prepaid rental program the package is standard and you cannot make changes, if you are not part of the rental program we will introduce you to our kitchen supplier in case you want make changes (within budget for free) or upgrades (cost extra), you can also choose not to install our standard kitchens and get a refund equal to the stated package value.

Kitchen packages:

              • Copenhagen Apartments – including kitchen cabinets, Hob, Hood, Sink, Tap, Refrigerator
              • Skagen Villa – including kitchen cabinets, Hob, Hood, Sink, Tap, Microwave, Refrigiator
              • Stockholm Villa – including kitchen cabinets, Hob, Hood, Sink, Tap, Combi oven, Refrigerator
              • Helsinki Villa (type 1 & 2) – including kitchen cabinets, Hob, Hood, Sink, Tap, Oven, Refrigerator
              • Oslo Villa (type 1 & 2) – including kitchen cabinets, Hob, Sink, Tap, Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, Built-in Refrigerator

For more details on the Kitchens from DESIGNA please click here Q: What is the furniture package? A: Each Villa and Apartment is sold including a furniture budget. As a buyer you will get a furniture coupon of a certain value depending on what property type you have purchased. This furniture coupon is only valid for our furniture supplier DANROOM. At DANROOM you can choose exactly what furniture you what within the budget like beds, tables, chairs, sofas, tables lamps, cutlery etc. DANROOM has a full catalogue of modern quality furniture for you to choose from, many items are well known replicas of designer furniture that you will only find at La Bua. If you have bought on a prepaid or normal rental program the package is standard and you cannot make changes, If  you choose not to use our furniture coupon we will refund 50% of the coupon value.

Furniture packages:

              • Copenhagen Apartments – coupon value:  370,000 THB    (refund 185,000 THB)
              • Skagen – coupon value:  400,000 THB    (refund 200,000 THB)
              • Stockholm Villa – coupon value:  550,000 THB    (refund 275,000 THB)
              • Helsinki Villa Type 1 – coupon value:  450,000 THB    (refund 225,000 THB)
              • Helsinki Villa Type 2 – coupon value:  550,000 THB    (refund 275,000 THB)
              • Oslo Villa Type 1 – coupon value:  600,000 THB    (refund 300,000 THB)
              • Oslo Villa Type 2 – coupon value:  680,000 THB    (refund 340,000 THB)

For more details on the furniture package and options please click here

Q: Are there built-in wardrobes? A: Each Villa and Apartment is sold with built-in quality cabinets for wardrobes for each bedroom, for selected units TV cabinet and laundry room cabinets are also included.

Q: What is the Rental Program in short? A: The Rental Program is valid for any type house.  The owner of the unit gives the La Bua resort the rental rights of the unit for the agreed amount of years. The unit is still owned by the owner and the owner can still use the unit as often as they like for free, but of course during the time the owner is using the property no outside income can be earned. For the agreed amount of years the owner still has to pay the mandatory maintenance fee, but the unit will be completely managed and maintained by La Bua Resort.

Q: What are the costs for electricity and water & how will I be charged? A: Each house and each apartment will have their own electrical and water meters. All owners in La Bua will pay 6 months in advance for the their bill, and then La Bua will deduct according to the meter and inform the owner on a monthly basis of the usage and account status. La Bua will only charge the owners the same rate for electricity as the government charges for this kind of development in this area.

Q: How are the ownership rights when purchasing a property at La Bua? A: All villa units at the La Bua Resort & Residence are with a land lease 30 years renewable 2 times for a total of 90 years. Each 30 year lease contract will be registered at the Land Office and the buyer will have ownership of the building. The land will be leased from the land owner which is Nordic Home Co.,Ltd.  If the buyer sells the unit to a 3rd party, lets’ say after 10 years, the new owner will get a new 30 years lease renewable 2 times for a total of 90 years. Buyer and seller will pay for all land office cost and any administration fee´s or taxes there may be. Kindly note there is NO FREEHOLD available at La Bua.

Q: Do i need a lawyer or seek legal advice. A: La Bua Resort & Residence provides our solid & proven standard contracts made by a reputable legal company, but we will always recommend our customers to seek legal advice and do their due diligence before purchase of a property. There are several good independent lawyers in Hua Hin from where you can get good legal advice.

Q: What contracts will have I have to sign? A: When purchasing a villa, you will have to sign 4 contracts

              1. Land Lease Agreement (Eng & Thai)
              1. Construction Agreement
              1. Maintenance Agreement
              1. Land Lease Extension Agreement

When purchasing an apartment, you will have to sign 3 contracts

              1. Unit Lease Agreement (Eng & Thai)
              1. Lease Extension Agreement
              1. Maintenance Agreement

If you join the rental program you will also have to sign a Rental Agreement

Q: What are the maintenance fees and what is included? A: The Maintenance fee is what the owners pay to the maintenance company for maintaining the whole area. The maintenance fees vary depending on what type of property you buy and what size the plot is.

In general the maintenance fees are like this:

              • Copenhagen Garden Apartments – 4,500 Thb per month
              • Copenhagen Penthouse Apartment – 5,500 Thb per month
              • Copenhagen Duplex Apartment – 8,750 Thb per month
              • The Villas start from – 7,900 Thb  per month

The maintenance fee covers the following:

              • 24 hour security
              • 24 hour reception,
              • Concierge service,
              • Electricity and water usage for common area,
              • Complete gardening maintenance for private villas & common garden area,
              • Complete pool maintenance for private villas & community pools and jacuzzis,
              • Free WiFi in the resort area,
              • Tennis court,
              • Fitness room,
              • Mini market,
              • Restaurant,
              • Free shuttle bus to Hua Hin on scheduled hours.

Q: What is the sinking fund? A: The Sinking fund is a security fund for all the owners for any major repairs or replacement of equipment or utilities that needs to be done for the common area. For all owners there is a onetime fee of 30,000 Thb when purchasing a property and a monthly fee of 250 Thb to maintain the sinking fund.