Danish Designer Kitchens

Designa kitchens is 100 % Danish and is also Danish-owned. You can enjoy the piece of furniture craftsmanship from a state of the art modern factory in Denmark. With La Bua’s Designa team you will find kitchens created by people who know of great design.

In your new kitchen we make room for the whole family to have fun together. Order gifts from your iPad at the table. Enjoy a chat when you slice vegetables. Help your children with their homework over the pots and pans. Be spontaneous and do just what comes to mind. We create a space that gives you the energy to start the day with a smile and want to round it off in community around the meal.

We also design your bathroom, so everyone in the family gets the privacy and comfort they desire. Style, comfort and practicality are designed to give you everyday well-being. Here you will be filled with new energy every day.

We know you will be happy with your new wardrobes that have everything on the right shelf. Whether you dream of the large walk-in closet, cabinets for children or convenient storage in the utility room. We also help with utilising otherwise wasted space for utility space by transforming dull corners, stairwells and practical wardrobes. The La Bua Designa team is looking forward to making your family’s daily life even better.

Kitchen, bathrooms and wardrobes are all in very high quality and with same design and from the same high imported quality from the danish Designa Factory in Denmark.

 More kitchen design information visit http://visit.designa.dk